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About Harjo's

"Harjo's is dedicated to the memory of loving parents and siblings who worked hard, played hard, and made one little sister think that she could do anything if she worked hard and loved much!"

Harley and Josephine Walker are the parents of Anne W. Eichler (nee, Walker), owner of this Ben Franklin store: Harjo's Ben Franklin. Harley and Josephine had six children; Anne is the youngest.


Their family lived their growing-up years in small towns just like Pigeon. Each town had a "five and dime" that was the pulse of the community. Anne even worked at one of those "five and dimes" during and after high school.


Harjo's evokes the warm moments with family and friends looking for treasures to buy with allowance money, lemonade stand money, or babysitting money. It pays homage to a simpler time. This store is dedicated to the memory of those many trips to the Ben Franklin to buy toys, makeup, flip flops, PF Flyers, and penny candy.

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